Trick or Treat 2020

Happy Halloween everyone! Let’s get ready for our visitors outside with self serve trick a treats options.

Candy Bowl for your porch:

If you are expecting a large crowd or not at home -this is a great solution. If you are home between visitors you can fill your bowl again with treats. I have large front windows -so it’s a fun way to watch the parade of kids and costume from a safe distance.

I bought my decorations at Hobby Lobby ….Lisa

Trick a Treat Boxes :

Made from white Chinese take out boxes from the Dollar tree party section.

Decorated boxs with Halloween sticker.
White take out boxes from Dollar tree.

Decorations :

  • White take out boxes
  • Halloween stickers
  • Let the kids help you decorate and fill these with candy and treats.
  • Make sure you have an allergy free selection too.

Front door sign for my boxes and they are stacked on a small shelf on the porch. I don’t get many trick a treaters so this is a fun an easy option for us….. To make sure everyone gets one I put out a few at a time and fill between kids. Lisa

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