Election Day Reads

Today our library is closed due to being used as the voting place here in town . But that doesn’t stop us from learning.

Teaching your kids about voting and elections:

Today’s Book

This playful, though powerful book engages little readers in the tenants of democracy and activism through rhyming text and colorful works of art.” ―PBS Kids for Parents

An ideal starting point in helping kids to understand elections and voting.” ―Today.com

V Is for Voting
 is an ABC book that introduces progressive families to concepts like social justice and civil rights and reminds readers that every vote counts!

A is for active participation.
B is for building a more equal nation.
C is for citizens’ rights and our duty.
is for difference, our strength and our beauty.

An engaging introduction to the tenets of democracy, V Is for Voting is a playful, poetic, and powerful primer about the importance of voting and activism. Featuring Kate Farrell’s rhyming text and Caitlin Kuhwald’s bold art, plus thoughtful back matter, the book is a gorgeous, and crucial, addition to every young reader’s library. It makes the perfect gift for fans of A Is for ActivistWoke Baby, and Feminist Baby.

Read along :

Projects :

Make a voting box and have a mock election!

Thanks for joining us at the Library….. See you next week for more book time…. Lisa

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