Mom’s Garden

Welcome to my Weekend. Today’s Lesson from Mom: is all about flowers ,gardens , friends and family ….

Friends are like flowers -they brighten your day !

Choosing Flowers for our garden and life:

  • Sun is essential. Building a flower takes a lot of energy, and all a plant’s energy comes from the sun. So most flowering plants need a full-sun site — where sunlight falls 6 to 8 hours a day all through the growing season.  ( Chose friends that uplift you are happy and bright)
  • Success is in the soil. Good soil — not too sandy, not too sticky, with enough organic matter to make it drain well and be inviting to plant roots — is essential for successful flower gardening,  ( and in friends a good foundation of love and acceptance)
  • annuals and perennials. As far as gardens are concerned, these are the two basic kinds of flowering plants. Annuals go through their whole life cycle in one growing season: sprouting from a seed, growing leaves and roots, producing flowers, creating seeds and then dying. They are popular with gardeners because, with reasonable care, they bloom their heads off all season. Perennials are plants whose root systems stay alive underground for several years or even decades. ( are your friends casual or friends for life -that will set in roots)
  • Right plant, right place. Often we fall for a flower on looks alone, regardless of whether we can give it what it needs. But you will have most success with both annuals and perennials if you first figure out what kind of site you have — how much sun, what kind of soil, how close to the hose, how much work you are willing to put in — and then look for a plant that fits.( The right friends like flowers take time to grow and set roots in your life)

Friends are like flowers. Each so beautiful and unique, and the connection you have with each one is so beautiful. So choose your friends carefully like you do your garden flowers…

Friends :

Friends are like flowers by Carey Landry
Friends are like flowers. Beautiful flowers.
Friends are like flowers in the garden of life.
Are you a daisy? Are you a rose? Are you a dandelion?
You can be what you are. I can be what I am.
We will be friends in the garden of life. 

My garden is inherited from my Grandmother (flower dress) – My Mom and now mine to attend: Lisa

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