Mom lesson : Hobbies

This Saturday my lesson from Mom is the importance of having hobbies. If its simple as reading, trying a new recipes or sewing but they help keep you sane and happy in life.

A hobby a day keep the doldrums away….

Sewing :

My Mom made all of my sister and my clothes while growing up. It was her way of helping with the family finances and keeping busy.

Later as I entered high school she turned this hobby into a job. As she got a job managing a fabric store in our area. Another way to help the family finances out and save money.

Hobbies: cross stitch

My Mom did wonderful cross stitch project from books and patterns. She won prizes for many these at local events and even the state fair. My craft room is filled with framed projects but her greatest joy was giving her projects away to friends and family. Below is some of my favorite:


Sharing this project from Mom collection:

Welcome : Pineapple 26W x 32H

DMC key code:

. Dots light gold #834

C gold #832

X dk gold #782

. Light green #912

6 green #911

Triangle dark green #909

Lettering in Dk gold#782

Thanks for stopping bye this Saturday as I remember my Mom. Lisa

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