Tabitha : a believer

Today’s Bible lesson is inspired by my Mom. Take a quick look at Saturday post about sewing and my Mom. Lisa

Now in Joppa there was a certain disciple named Tabitha, which being translated [into Greek] is “Dorcas.” She was full of good works [i.e. benefactions] and of almsgivings [i.e. acts of charity to the poor] which she was [continually] doing. Acts 9:36

My Mom like Tabitha was a believer. She was also a seamstress that made garments for her family and others. And always helped the poor and needy in our community . From teaching people to read, cook a meal or supply garments she gave of herself.

Tabitha ( Dorea) from Acts 9: 38. She was a believer : who always doing kind thing for others and helping the poor. She made garments for others needing clothing.

So today biblejournaling features Tabitha and her sewing . In the patchwork quilt below with needle and thread holding it together.

Thanks’ for stopping bye this Sunday and have a great week…… Lisa

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