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Today week we start Thanksgiving preparation in the USA . So this year we will see some changes maybe a little smaller in most families but a bit of planning still needs to be done.So how will you be doing your holiday planning? Are you a paper list maker? Or on your phone? Maybe a small planner in your purse? It’s all good- and will get the job done. Heres a few options:

Just gobble till you wobble!

My happy planner :

This is the medium size planner but I also have the mini one and you could just cut the stickers to fit the planner size. The mini would fit in a purse to carry around.

I grab these planner stickers from Etsy. From a shop called Planner Envy : great watercolor looking stickers.

My personnel plans :


I am taking the day off. My son has a finale test ( He’s taking college finals this week) and it;s my birthday. Hubby will cook dinner and we will enjoy our new fire 🔥 pit : my birthday present.


I am doing my shopping today for Thursday at our local market. Need recipes – checkout my Wed food blog.


I am cooking for my husband office today. He’s bbq and I am making sides. And deliverying to the town hall for all to enjoy. Also check out my food blog for sweet recipes.

Thursday : Turkey Day

It’s just the three of us so Thanksgiving is small today. With a visit to the graveyard to place flowers. Today is also my Mom birthday.

Black Friday : shopping

Up close of stickers:

Printable shopping list :

Have a great week and see you tomorrow At the Library…… Lisa

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