Homemade Angels

Welcome to my Sunday Crafts ; Today I am sharing a simple fabric angel pattern my Mom used to make with scraps from her fabric stash.Perfect gift for someone special….

Pattern and supplies:

Just make a rough pattern the size you want ( cut : front/back) You can have arms or not it’s up too you.

Fabric is a scrap of Décor fabric , scraps of lace ,yarn (hair) and buttons ( Leftover prom dress, weeding dress or anything special)

Sewing machine ,sewing supplies , Stuffing

Constructing the body of the doll. Cut and sew your pieces: Stuff the pieces Add sticks to arms for shape.

Assembling the pieces of your doll.  Attaching the head to your rag doll( Lace collier will cover stiches) Add lace wings and decorate.

Quilted Lady /Guardian Angel :

Cut the pattern twice – the head and shoulder out of Muslin and the body a piece of scrap quilt or left over quilt square.

Hair is made by using embroidery thread and French knots. And facial features. She’s decorated with old lace and broken jewelry.

Guardian Angel :

You could also make the body with a baby quilt pattern and add fabric wings as a great baby gift.….. Lisa

2 thoughts on “Homemade Angels

  1. Hi Lisa, thanks so much for sharing with us at the To Grandma’s house we go link party, this is such a sweet angel! Just wanted to let you know that your tumblr and facebook links on your site are broken, I would love to follow you in both places!


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