Plan with Me : Stickers

Today is all about stickers. I love stickers and I am sure you do too. I buy them all the time one . My latest ones I have found on etsy that you can purchase or download and print yourself…

Types of stickers:

Cute planner stickers. Organizer tags, color patterns and calendar icons. Check, planners and weekly days label. Notebook stamps doodle, memo schedule sticker tag isolated vector symbols set

Functional stickers:

Functional planner stickers are perfect for making lists and tracking important tasks. Overall functional stickers help you plan your day as you can set up dedicated designs and colors for appointments and reminders.


Sidebar stickers can be easily used to place on the side of your monthly or weekly spread.


This sticker type pretty much speaks for itself. But you don’t have to only highlight holidays or seasons. You can also highlight a vacation or special trip you might have coming up in your planner. 


Inspirational quote stickers are perfect for remembering affirmations and starting your day on the right track. We love to insert these stickers into our planner for extra variety and color. Decorative stickers s have a special place in our hearts. 

Flags and Dots :

Flag stickers are another sicker type which is great for setting reminders inside your planner and calling attention to a certain date.Dot stickers are great for color coding and keeping track of bills, birthdays, important reminders, etc. 

Download stickers and print:

You can purchase stickers online and print on sticker paper yourself. Some tips

Why use planner stickers:

Planner stickers allow you to have an organized system for your daily activities and thoughts while also looking extremely beautiful. As you assign colors and shapes to different task lists and dates it helps you remember what is most important.

My latest Etsy sticker purchase :

If you have a favorite shop on Etsy -give a shout out ! I would love to try it…. Lisa

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