Southern Deviled Eggs

On our Easter table is always a plate or two of Emily's Deviled Eggs. I am sharing this recipe as well as some fun Easter pics. It's all about the Egg. Em's Deviled Eggs : 6 large eggs3 tablespoons mayonnaise1 1/2 teaspoons yellow mustard2 dashes vinegar-based hot sauce (Tabasco) 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder1 1/2 tablespoons pickle relish sweet saltpepperpaprika optional Instructions Place eggs in the bottom of [...]

The Modern Homestead Garden: Growing Self-sufficiency in Any Size Backyard

A great beginner garden book. Check it out….

Lisa Everyday Reads

If concerns about the environment and the health and wellness of yourself and your family leave you longing to make a change, start growing and preserving your own organic foods. With the guidance found in The Modern Homestead Garden, you’ll discover how little land and effort it takes to start growing healthy, nutritious food.

Modern homesteading is a lifestyle focused onliving lightly on the landandincreasing self-sufficiency. It doesn’t matter whether “home” is 50 acres in the country, a suburban corner lot, or an apartment in the city; all you need is a desire toreduce your footprint on the earthandlive a more sustainable life. To be a modern homesteader, you don’t have to live off-grid and you don’t have to give up contemporary conveniences.

For most modern homesteaders, it all starts with making the conscious decision toreduce your reliance on…

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Garden Time

Hi Everyone ! It's Tuesday and time for some Garden news. March is closing in and its time to start your Gardening! Garden Tips: Location, Location ( New Garden) The best site for a vegetable garden should incorporate the following: At least six hours of sunlight daily, good drainage and air circulation, and a level location with [...]

March 2021 STAR blog hop.

March 2021 STAR blog hop.

___________________________________________________________________WELCOME to the March 2021 "You're the Star" Blog Hop!Before we continue onto the Linky party I wanted to share from my blog: __________________________________________________________________________WELCOME to EXTRA feature week of the March 2021 "You're the STAR" blog hop!(Sometimes we will have 5 Mondays in a month - these 5th special Mondays are called "EXTRA feature" days)Meet all of your STAR Hosts  Swing by the STAR Hosts blogs: Angie [...]

Happiness is Homemade

Welcome to Happiness Is Homemade PartyHappy Springtime! Spring is in the air as the birds build nests and the flowers are blooming. I hope you are enjoying some springtime weather. Easter will be here soon, so I picked some great Easter posts to share with  you. I hope you find some inspiration.  Let's start with [...]

Saturday crafts : Eggs for Easter

Today's kids craft is all about the Easter Egg. With my painted wooden egg from the dollar store. Inspired ny easy recipe for baked eggs for Easter morning. The painted Egg : I found these Egg shaped wooden forms at my local dollar store in the Easter craft section. I painted this one and decorated [...]