Monday : Coffee Break

Good morning everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Join me for a morning break from all the Monday madness and let’s catch up .

Morning coffee break

Family news and updates:

our long t ime family pet Charlie passed away recently but we decided it was time to adopt a new dog. We adopted him from a local shelter in the area and is only 4 months old. A mixed breed heeler he’s full of energy and teething on everything.

Tomorrow post will be an update on our family Memorial garden in honor of all family members we have lost and ways we are celebrating there life in the garden.

This week on the blog:

Ides of March, Tea for Two day, Corn beef and Cabbage day , St Patrick day with lots of green.

Planner post with Bloosom stickets.

March 15th:

Beware the Ides of March . From the Shakespearan play Julius Ceasars . The warnings given of his death and later assassination. Let’s celebrate with a glass of wine in his honor.

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