Memory Garden

Good morning! I was planning on working in my memory garden today but it’s already started to rain . With the heat comes rain and humidity.

So here is a little background information on my small garden. I started this garden with my son after moving into my parents house. The basic was there but we wanted too do more in honor of all that had passed on in our family. Both 2 and 4 legged family members. So the garden planting began. With bulbs for the Spring.

Spring bulbs:

My Dad and Grandma was master gardeners and I planted their favorite Spring flowers here. And plan to add seasonal flowers and more bulbs. Also pots of catnip in honor of our cats.

Memory rocks

These are placed in the garden in Memory of lost family members. I have plans for rocks for our for legged family members too. Luna(cat), Grey (cats) and Charlie our family beagle will have rocks painted in remembrance when my son comes home for Easter break.

Painted in Memory for my Mom.

Garden: church, bird feeders, birdbath and bench.

This small garden is a place to remember the past and celebrate life in the garden.

This old metal church in honor of Dad

Making this a place of shelter and shade and protection from the storm. Lisa

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