Louisiana Travel : Local Bike trails

Louisiana is bouncing back from the virus. And it’s time to get outside with the family and enjoy the May sunshibe. Today we are taking a Bike ride…..

False River Historical Trail Bike Tour

This 10-mile bike tour along False River in Pointe Coupee Parish offers an abundance of history dating back to 1750.

Type of Route Biking Distance 10 miles Nearby Cities  : New Roads

This 10-mile bike tour along False River in Pointe Coupee Parish offers an abundance of history dating back to 1750. Start at Gaines Oak Tree and the route will take you along Louisiana Highway 1, through Oscar, Mix, and the City of New Roads. This trail was completed as an Eagle Scout Service Project by Kevin N. Cicero of Troop 66, (sponsored by the New Roads Lions Club) Istrouma Area Councilhttp://www.pctourism.org/hike-or-bike-trail

On the Road….. Stop at the tourist information house, see the plantations along the river and visit the courthouse.

New Roads

Known as “Little Carnival Capital” Pointe Coupée boasts the 3rd oldest Mardi Gras parades (from 1881), normally hosting 4 parades each year in addition to the Lundi Gras including a greased pig contest! Celebrations happen year-round with spring fairs & festivals, fishing tournaments, cook-offs like the Cochon de Lait, arts & crafts & shopping events, like Market at the Mill, harvest events, farmer’s markets, rodeos, and holiday happenings!

Bike Safety Tips :

Bicycle Rules

Biking on city streets means riding alongside cars (and other cyclists) so it has its own challenges. The key is to ride safe which means obeying the rules. Here are 10 important bike safety rules:

  1. Wear a helmet
  2. Stay visible; use bike lights and/or wear bright clothes.
  3. Look and Signal; use hand signals to let drivers know where you’re going, try to make eye contact with them and look before you go.
  4. Stay alert; for obstacles on the road and cars and other motor vehicles.
  5. Ride in the right direction; don’t go opposite of the traffic flow.
  6. Be predictable; don’t just weave in and out of traffic.
  7. Don’t get distracted; don’t use your phone while riding your bike, or listen to music.
  8. Obey all the traffic laws and lights.
  9. Watch out for parked cars; make sure no one is going to throw their doors open.
  10. Test your bike before you ride it; check the brakes, wheels, tires, and make sure that everything works perfectly.

Enjoy the Spring weather and Go Biking ! … Lisa

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