CBWC: Buildings

Today I decided my Building would be pictures of old Churches. Louisiana is filled with wonderful old churches all over the state. Here’s a few around our area,

Lafayette :

Also known as La Cathédrale St-Jean, the downtown Lafayette cathedral celebrates its 200th birthday in 2018. The founding church of the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette, its Romanesque Revival-inspired architecture was completed in 1918. The church’s cemetery is the oldest in Lafayette

Opelousas :

​St. Landry Roman Catholic Church in Opelousas, known as the Mother Church of Acadiana, is the second oldest church parish in the Lafayette Catholic Diocese.  Completed in 1909, this cathedral-size church is the third building to sit on this elevated track of land.  It is referred to as the Mother Church of Acadiana because more church parishes have been carved out from the original church parish than any other in Southwest Louisiana.
This beautiful edifice symbolizes not only the strong Catholic faith of South Louisiana, but also the rich history and culture of the region.

Country Mission Church :

Thanks for stopping bye and discovering these beautiful Churches pictures with me …. Lisa

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