Lisa Kids Club : American Flag

This week we celebrate Flag Day in the United States. So today learn more about the Flag , it’s history and fun crafts. Let’s get started.

Flag Day:

Flag facts:

The early colonists displayed Union Jack, the British flag, which is blue with a red cross and a white cross. In 1775, the colonists decided to make a new flag. They wanted to express their frustration with British taxes and laws, but they also wanted to show some loyalty to the Crown. The Grand Union flag had red and white stripes. In the upper left-hand corner was a small Union Jack.In 1777, the colonists decided that they needed a completely new flag. They chose one stripe for each of the thirteen colonies. They added stars to symbolize a new “constellation,” or new government in which people could be free to make their own laws.

The first flags varied. On some flags, the stars were placed in a circle; on other flags, they were scattered or placed in a line.The story goes that Betsy Ross helped design the first flag. We know that she sewed American flags, but we’re not sure if she designed the very first one.In 1817, as new states were joining the Union, Congress decided to add a star for each new state. During the Civil War, eleven states left the Union. Some people wanted the stars representing those states to be removed. Abraham Lincoln refused, insisting that those stars remain on the flag. He was determined to reunite the country and he succeeded. 

Betsy Ross :.

Born the eighth of seventeen children in Philadelphia, Betsy Ross lived in a time when the American colonies were yearning for independence from British rule. Ross worked as a seamstress and was eager to contribute to the cause, making tents and repairing uniforms when the colonies declared war. By 1779 she was filling cartridges for the Continental Army. Did she sew the first flag? That’s up for debate, but Who Was Betsy Ross? tells the story of a fierce patriot who certainly helped create the flag of a new nation.

Flag Day activities:

Paper Plate wreath : with paper stars and paint with striped ribbon hanger.

A wooden flag made from Popsicle stickies. Painted red and white. With paper square and yellow wooden star. Want a larger version use wooden paint sticks.

Grab these fun activities and save them for July 4th! Lisa

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