Lesson from Home

Welcome to Home that in past years as been a school house as well as a Home. So every August I do special post for Back to School season. Here in Louisiana we start school Aug 18th and Yes with a Mash mandate in place for students. So I thought I would start this Tuesday with a little background on our family for all my new readers. Or who might be interested it for the upcoming school year …. Lisa

We moved back to Louisiana from Michigan about 10 years ago -due too my parents health . My Hubby find a new job, my family supplied a house and we had too deal with schooling needs/ My son had been in Public School from K-5th grade in Michigan and was a great student with wonderful teachers. But coming back to town meant -the public school was 45 minutes away( School bus) and a private school was an hour away by car. Each one had problems so we decided I would homeschool for the first year. I had friends in town who had done it and did some research on the different programs and I had a decision to make.

In the mean time I saw a commercial for K12 Charter school and made a call. I found out they had recently had been awarded a charter and I could enroll my son in a Public Charter School all online with teachers and state testing so he would classify for all educational programs. They supplied all textbooks ,supplies and state approved teachers . If needed they would also supply a computer. The first thing we did is set up a school rom and make sure we had a great internet connection. As well as basic supplies, desk and shelves for books and supplies. The first years had it ups and downs but by mid year it smoothed out and we had a schedule that worked and my OCD son loved it. He was able to finish school with LAVCA K12 and graduate with honors. He started college with a plan to go into Environmental Science and is sticking too it.

When Louisiana colleges went online because of the pandemic – My son was ready. His years of being an online student had prepared him for the changes in college. I am hoping this year when he goes back school will be back to normal – but we will see. That’s our family story… Lisa

Lisa advice:

Home schooling is not for everyone. It’s a family decision and commitment.

Check your local state rules for Home School. This varies by state – https://www.powerhomeschool.org/homeschooling-by-state/louisiana/

Decide on type of schooling- traditional home school, On line version (private) , Public Online version

Join a Co-Op or Group in your area. ( we have a small one that meets at our library) Also I have a large Facebook group.

School Pictures :

Any Questions ? Want more information? I will be glad to answer in upcoming post … Lisa

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