Book Review: Easy College Cookbook for Guys

Your playbook for eating well at college

Heading off to college promises new and exciting experiences—like having to cook for yourself! Don’t panic, the Easy College Cookbook for Guys has your game plan with 75 tasty and affordable recipes and plenty of tips to help out beginner chefs. From snacks to meals for one to dinners you can serve friends or that special someone, this college cookbook will teach you everything you need to become a confident cook, even if you’re working with a dorm-sized kitchen.

On top of craving-satisfying recipes like Steak Fajitas and Toaster Oven S’mores, the ultimate college cookbook for guys includes:

  • Cooking 101—Discover simple cooking techniques along with genius hacks to save you time and energy in the kitchen.
  • Intro to economics—Find tips for sticking to your budget, including what ingredients to have on hand and what to buy fresh.
  • Equipment basics—Create your custom cooking space with info on the dorm-friendly tools and appliances you’ll need to make these easy cookbook recipes.

You may miss home, but you won’t miss out on home-cooked meals with the help of the Easy College Cookbook for Guys.

Kindle Unlimited Review:

Super helpful cookbook for young people (not just college students). All of the recipes are straightforward, pretty difficult to mess up even for my college age son. Make this book a part of your Back to School packing list – your son (or Daughter) will thank you. Lisa

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