Christmas at the Library

Thanks for stopping bye this Saturday we are celebrating Christmas at the library; With a reading of a favorite Christmas book and some fun crafts for the kids too make.

Cajun Night Before Christmas®

The Cajun Night Before Christmas® has been a part of Louisiana’s holiday traditions since it was first published. Now, more than forty-five years later, a new generation is discovering the charm of Gaston® the Green-Nosed Alligator. First conceived by J.B. Kling, Jr. writing as ‘Trosclair’, the CLIO award-winning sales jingle for the Bergeron Plymouth Company in New Orleans was based on the Clement Moore poem. The exclusive rights were purchased by Pelican Publishing Company and the illustrations of then fledgling artist James Rice brought the story to life. Beloved master storyteller Coleen Salley narrated the read-along CD. Radio personality and voice talent Tommy Joe Breaux became the voice behind the recordings at City Park and on the audio version of the adventures of Gaston®. The book also created what has become the largest segment at Pelican Publishing—the children’s book division.

Vintage craft books to check out:

We received a box of old Needle carfts and Craft books just in time for the holiday…. Lisa

Craft Table : With salt dough ornaments to paint, bookmarks to make and Suncatchers.

Tree out of old magazines:

  1. Start by collecting old magazines. Fun fact: Some of our followers commented that they used to use old Sears catalogs or Reader’s Digest magazines back in the 60s and 70s to make these!
  2. Start with the cover and fold the top right corner into the crease to make a triangle. Fold that triangle in half again to be even with the center crease. Take the bottom flap and fold it up to be even with the bottom edge of the magazine. Fold the triangle over to the left and repeat with the next page. Repeat until all the pages of the magazine have been folded in the same manor.
  3. Take the front cover and back cover and secure them with tape or staples.

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