Tea Cup Crafts

January is National Hot Tea Month. So Today I am celebrating the day with Tea Cup Crafts. As many of you know I have a collection of Tea Cups but I still find myself buying more when I come across an interesting one. I always check out : garage sales and Flea market for cups.

Generally, alpine plants and succulents work well for teacup gardens. These require little water and can thrive even in small containers.


  1. Spoon small pebbles into the bottom of each Clean tea cup. …
  2. Fill the cup ⅔ full with a cactus or succulent soil blend. 
  3. Spoon small pebbles into the bottom of each tea cup. …
  4. Fill the cup ⅔ full with a cactus or succulent soil blend. 

Squirt a dime-sized dab of adhesive into the indentation on the saucer in the area where the cup belongs, if this is where you intend to glue the cup. Otherwise squirt a small dab of adhesive on the portion of the saucer where the cup will go.

Once the adhesive is dry, it’s time to hang your teacup bird feeder! If you pick up the teacup by the handle, and the saucer hangs nice and flat, then this part is super easy: just tie a piece of twine around the handle and hang it from a tree

Tea Cup Candle :

  • Tea cup
  • candle wick
  • Wax to fill cup
  • crayon ( color wax)
  • fragrance

If using wax chips -use the cup to see how much you need to melt. Then place a glue dot on bottom of cup an place the wick in place. Melt the wax and if coloring add a bit of crayon for color. Stir and add any fragrance. Hold the wick and pour in the wax. And let firm up. Depending on weather your wax will harden fairly quick. Or you can place in Fridge to set.

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