Valentine Heart Crafts

I love making all kinds of crafts . And I always keep my eye on the clearance section in stores that I can use or repurpose. I found these silcon heart candy molds at Joann . And I use them for everthing but candy.

PS : you might want to mark them for non food use. Lisa

Heart lotion bars with Lavender

Lotion bars are just coconut oil, shea butter , bees wax and homegrown dried lavendervmelted and pour into heart mold to harden .

In a hurry to set? Place in fridge for a few second to harden.

Repurpose Crayon Hearts

Take old broken crayons and turn them into heart shape crayons. With a sketch pad or note pad the perfect gift for that creative love one.

Have fun ! And have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Lisa

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