Walking Your Dog Day

Welcome to my Home this Tuesday. We are Pet People. You will see the signs before entering my home. Blue our rescue dog Loves his daily walk around town with my Hubby. After a long day at the office it gets my hubby out side and it’s great stress relief. Lisa

Benefits of Dog Walking:

Great for your health, and theirs.  

Walking is good for your heart, muscles, joints, waistline and even your mental health. Plus, there’s no better stress relief than watching your pet’s eager interest and wagging tail. Walking is good for their health, too. Just like you, it helps with their waistline, joints and muscles. Healthy pet parents make for healthy pets.

Get social without your phone.

Getting out will help you meet people, maybe even some potential animal lovers like you. Before long, you may have a new friend to join your daily walks. If you love animals, walking is also a great time for bird (or other wildlife) watching. You can also learn more about the plants in your neighborhood or local parks. 

Stay out of trouble!  

Many dogs and cats tend to start looking for trouble when they get bored (the APCC knows this better than anyone!). Bored pets are more likely to get into cabinets or closets, or up onto tables, and eat things that can be dangerous for them. Regular walks not only give pets exercise—the mental stimulation is great for keeping them out of trouble when they’re back home

A Few Tips

The nice part about walking is that it doesn’t take a lot of planning or equipment, but there are still a few things to keep in mind:  

  • Make sure to keep your pet leashed in unfamiliar or public areas.
  • Always have proper identification on your pet.
  • Avoid walking in extreme weather conditions. 
  • Remember to bring plastic bags to clean up after your pet.
  • If you are going for a longer walk, remember to bring some fresh water for you and your pet.

Just for Fun:

Check out : Blue’s Dog treats recipe for a tasty treat ….. Lisa

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