Granddad , You Can Do That

Book Description :

“Grandad You Can Do That!!!”  is a children’s book about a young boy named Kyle who tells a story to his class about visiting his granddad during summer break.  He went to visit his granddad. His granddad could do all types of things.  Kyle was fascinated by the things that his grandad could do.  Throughout the story The Granddad does various of tasks and Kyle watches.

About the Author:

Various Array is an Alabama author that enjoys creating stories that are fun and entertaining. With a background in rural country life and city, Various Array brought a variety of angles in her books.  Various Array enjoys her stories having  pleasant and intriguing events in them.  Various Array brings much experience of writing and now has several books published.

 Book Questions

What inspired you to write this? My late granddad was the inspiration behind  the story
Are the characters based on anyone? Yes, the granddad is who it is based off of
Do names have a special significance for you when writing, and how do you choose them? Names do not have real special significance.  Sometimes I may use a name that someone else has but not necessarily tie it to a character.

Writing Questions
What’s the hardest part of writing/publishing? (first draft, editing, etc).  Editing and re reading.
Do you have a favorite time of day to write? No, whenever I get going is the best time.
When did you first consider yourself an author? It’s been over 5 years since I started the journey of being an author

Fun Questions
What’s your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving
Would you rather be covered in fur or scales? Fur
Is a hot dog a sandwich, why or why not? A hotdog is a hotdog…it is not a sandwich.  Hotdogs have their own zone

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