Lisa Book Shelf: Small Loaf Bread Machine Cookbook

Small Loaf Bread Machine Cookbook: Classic and Creative Recipes for Delicious 1-Pound Loaves

Bake small batch bread loaves to perfection

Slicing into a homemade loaf of bread is a simple pleasure—one you can now enjoy on a smaller scale with this cookbook. Inside, you’ll find a wide range of bread machine recipes all pared down to produce delicious one-pound loaves, just enough to ensure every bite is always fresh.

Get the best in bread machine cookbooks with:

  • Meet your bread machine—Get comfortable with your bread maker with an introductory guide that covers kneading paddles, safety, cycles, and settings.
  • Sweet and savory recipes—Dive into 75 easy recipes, from tackling a classic Caraway Rye to shaking things up with a Cardamom Fig Loaf.
  • Cheat sheets and tips—Ensure baking success with convenient cooking charts and troubleshooting advice for those moments when your dough becomes a “Doh!” situation.

Discover the pleasure of small batch baking with this must-have bread machine cookbook.

Why on my Book shelf?

I was surprised at the variety of recipes for small bread machine loaves. I think I will be making more this Summer. No reason to give up baking anymore in Summer with a bread machine. Plus fir just the two of us, small loaves are perfect

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