Book Review: Murder with Darjeeling Tea

by Karen Rose Smith

Daisy’s Tea Garden is one of the many attractions in Pennsylvania’s Amish country—and when Daisy herself isn’t serving tea, she’s making sure justice is served . . .

When Daisy Swanson arrives at Rumple’s Statuary shopping for a birthday present for her beau Jonas, Wilhelm Rumple’s cottage looks like something out of a fairy tale, reminding her of the Storybook Tea family event she’s planning. Even the man himself—short and stumpy in overalls with bare feet—seems like a storybook character. But as a businessman, Rumple is rumored to be as cold and hard as the statues he sells.
Maybe that’s why, following a break-in at his cottage, Rumple is found dead in a dog run behind Four Paws Animal Shelter, bashed in the head. Now it’s up to Daisy to get the residents of Willow Creek to spill the tea on a little man who may have had some big secrets, so she can find a stone-cold killer . . .
Includes delicious recipes!

Book Review:

This is another fun cozy mystery. When Daisy is looking forward to buying her boyfriend Jonas something special for his upcoming birthday. Jonas recently adopted a dog and she thought he might like a statue of a dog just like his that he can put on his porch. She goes to Rumple’s Statuary where she meets the most interesting man, Wilhelm Rumple.

But when he ends up dead. Daisy must figure out how all the clues fit together and who do they point at. Follow along as Daisy investigates, will she be able to find a killer before she ends up dead? So grab a cup of tea and read on… Lisa

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