The Tortoise Meets the Sea Turtles : Summer Reading

This Summer at the Library we are exploring the Ocean. This Week it’s Sea Turtles!

Join Teddy T. Tortoise, the famed tortoise who raced the hare, on another adventure as he vacations at the beach and meets a group of sea turtles. But one of his new buddies finds it hard to accept Teddy because he’s different!

However, Teddy is gentle, kind, and accepts everyone as they are. Can he convince his new sea turtle friend that it’s okay to be different—and that we should celebrate and accept those differences?

The Tortoise Meets the Sea Turtles teaches young children that even if someone is different from us, that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends in spite of those differences.

Crafts :

Thanks for joning Me at the Melville Library for Summer Reading 2022!

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