Heat is On! Safety Tips for Staying Cool:

I hope everyone had a Safe and Happy holiday weekend. We have been battling the Heat and Humidity here in South Louisiana. The temperature has been in the 90’s but the Heat Index has been over a hundredal degrees. Making is unconfutable for humans and animals. So stay Cool and follow these tips…. Lisa

Staying Cool Tips:

 Drink lots and lots of water

Hydration is key when your body is trying to maintain homeostasis, or the regulated state (in this case, at a decent temperature). Sweating, though kind of unappealing sometimes, is your body’s way of cooling you down.
Contrary to popular belief, while iced water is your safest bet in cooling you down, things like pop or energy drinks will also help you cool down. Any liquid is better than no liquid.
Having said that, make sure you’re not drinking coffee, as it’s a diuretic and can have dehydrating effects.

 Avoid the sun between 11am to 2pm

The sun is the hottest between 11am and 2pm, and sunburns are most likely to happen during that period. Limiting your exposure will limit your chances of overheating.
If you can’t get around not being outside during those hours, make sure you dress appropriately. Wear loose, breathable (think: cotton) clothing and footwear that won’t leave your feet sweaty. Hats are also crucial for blazing hot weather, keeping you cool by providing shade. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from damaging UV rays

Refrigerate or freeze your bedsheets

Once you try this trick, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it before. Place your bedsheets in your fridge or freezer for a half an hour before you sleep, and you’ll never have trouble falling asleep because of the heat again.
Also consider investing in soft gel packs that you can place underneath your sheets, or tucked between your legs (wrapped in a tea towel).

Get spicy

Weird but true: spicy foods actually help you cool down. Spicy food increases your blood circulation, which in turn gets you sweaty. And, as we discussed before, sweating cools you down when the sweat cools down.

How To Keep Your Pets Cool

  • DO give them plenty of water keep them hydrated
  •  DON’T take them out on a long walk mid-day
  • DO leave them at home with the air conditioning
  • DON’T ever leave them in the car—not ever
  • DO be conscious of their precious paws
  • DON’T give them a drastic summer haircut

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