DIY Plaid Pumpkins : Fall Decorations

Welcome to my Craft Table. Today I am recycling some flannel plaid shirts into pumpkins: But if you don’t have shirts Goodwill or Fabric bins are great places to find plaid materials. And I give you two stuffing options for fast fun crafting.

Stuffed Plaid Pumpkin:

Here is what you will need to get started:
– flannel shirt ( from your closet or Goodwill)
– twine (like this is ideal)
– dry rice (this is perfect)
– cotton balls
– twine
– hot glue glue gun

How to Make Upcycled Flannel Pumpkins:

1. Start by cutting the sleeve off of your shirt. You want to cut a segment that is about 6 inches long.
2. Gently fold over the snipped end like you are folding wrapping paper around the ends of a package. 
3. Take your hot glue and secure these pieces into place.  The idea is to seal up the end of the sleeve.

4. Once the end is closed and dry, add about a cup of dried rice to the sleeve. This will help weigh your pumpkin down and help is sit flat.
5. Take a handful of cotton and layer it on top of the rice. This will act as your fluff to help round out your pumpkin. The amount of cotton you add will depend on how tall/full you want your pumpkin. 

6. Now tie up the end of your flannel, directly above the cotton. Use your twine for this step. Tie tightly so the rice and cotton stay inside. 
7. Once you have tied off the top of your pumpkin, continue wrapping the twine around the remaining flannel fabric. Wrap about one inch of the fabric to create the stem.
8. Snip off any flannel that remains at the top of the stem. Now all you need to do is fluff the pumpkin up a little bit so it takes the shape you want and looks nice and full. If you want, you can finish up the pumpkin by wrapping a little twine around the stem.

DIT Toiled Paper Pumpkin

  • Large roll of toilet paper (preferably a mega size)
  • 18-20 inch square piece of fabric
  • Green ribbon or leaves for the stem
  • 4 inch piece of branch or a few cinnamon sticks
  1. Unroll the toilet paper about 10 times, and then roll it loosely back up to give more of a round shape.
  2. Lay out your fabric and place the toilet paper in the center.
  3. Grab one corner of the fabric and tuck it inside of the toilet paper roll. Slowly work your way around gathering up the fabric and tucking each corner into the roll.
  4. Tie a ribbon around your branch piece and stuff it into the center.

Need Some More Help :

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