Book Review ; Love Always , Christmas

From Karen Schaler, the three-time Emmy Award–winning writer of Netflix sensation A Christmas Prince and Hallmark’s Christmas Camp, the movie and novel, comes a sparkling new Christmas romance filled with humor, heart, and hope.

Libby is planning to spend the holidays alone until a mysterious Christmas card takes her on a life-changing journey where she discovers a family she didn’t know she had and a love she was never expecting to find…

Libby Larson’s Christmas wish is to get the holidays over as fast as possible. After losing her mom, her only family, she’s bah humbugging Christmas, while desperately trying to save her childhood Seattle home.

But when Libby finds a twenty-year-old unopened Christmas card addressed to her mom, what she discovers inside takes her to the snowy mountain town of Holly Peak.

As family secrets start to unravel, Libby must rely on Holly Peak’s handsome town manager, Adam Thompson, to help her find answers while reluctantly participating in the town’s quirky Christmas traditions.

In the midst of merrymaking and mistletoe, Libby’s life is forever changed when this Christmas brings her the gift of a family and true love.

Bonus Content: Includes exclusive Christmas recipes from Love Always, Christmas.

book review

It’s no surprise to me that Karen Schaler has once again written a perfect Christmas story. Romance, emotion, humor, and all the best Christmas traditional nostalgia with new things woven together into swoony and joyful bliss . A perfect book to read wrapped up in a cozy blanket in my chair after baking Christmas cookies.

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