Hocus Pocus Practice Focus: The Making of a Magician

“Magicians work hard, just like dancers and singers.
They don’t become great just by snapping their fingers!”

(Ages 3-8) When a magician amazes Mila at her birthday party, she wants to become a magician just like her! The magician makes it look so easy, but magic tricks are trickier than Mila thought! Just when Mila’s dream feels like it might disappear, she discovers the magic secret in an unexpected place … and person.

Hocus Pocus Practice Focus is an inspiring, rhyming read-aloud that reveals a magician’s greatest secret — real magic happens when you prepare, practice, and persist!

A book that every child interested in magic should have and every girl interested in magic needs.” -DAVID COPPERFIELD

Lisa Book Shelf Kids : Coming 10/25

“An excellent introduction to what it takes to learn magic—a skill that builds lifelong confidence and interpersonal skills. Get this book.Mentalist, Magician, and Finalist on America’s Got Talent

Says it all -this book is for any child that wants to do majic or want to learn more about it. But its also shows Lesson what it takes like in like handwork, courage, focus , practice and a mentor. ,

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