Parents as Teachers Day

Today is National Parents as Teacher Day ! Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher. So let’s celebrate :


National Parents as Teachers Day takes place every year on November 8th. It aims to support parents in their role as teachers in their child’s life. All parents, whether they choose to homeschool or public school, are given the opportunity to join forces and learn to develop their true potential as a parent and teacher. 

Although the origins of Parents as Teachers Day is difficult to trace back, it’s believed to have been founded in the 1970s in Missouri when educators began growing concerned as children were entering kindergarten at various levels of readiness. 

How to Be a Parent-Teacher

We all come from different educational backgrounds, but that shouldn’t stop us from helping our children grow in theirs. There are many ways we can become better parent-teachers to our child and support others to do the same

  • Be a Good Role Model
  • The biggest, most important thing we can do to support our child is to be a good role model. Children learn by imitation, whether it’s from peers in a social setting or behind closed doors at home. Their home environment can impact their life just as much as a classroom can. If you value the importance of kindness, respect, and education, chances are your child will reflect these things too.
  • Get Your Child Involved
  • There are many opportunities to get your child involved around the home. Helping out with simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc. can help teach children different skills. We’re big believers in involving fun, hands-on activities into a child’s education. Cooking can be an excellent way to teach your child basic math and science skills
  • Ignite a Love of Learning
  • We have Charlotte Mason to thank for the idea of education being an atmosphere and way of life. Teaching a child that learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom can make or break their desire to learn. When a child associates learning with boring textbooks and lectures, they understandably come to loathe the idea of learning. However, when knowledge is perceived as a way of life, it becomes a beautiful, natural, sought-after experience. 
  • Know What Your Child Needs to Thrive
  • Not every child learns the same way. Understanding what your son or daughter needs to process information properly can be what’s standing in the way of their success as a student. There are many different types of learning methods, from visual, verbal, physical, and more
  • Conversations Are Key
  • There is something special in having a relationship with your child where they can share their thoughts and feelings with you. Having regular open discussions where children can express their struggles and fears can motivate them to continue learning. Sharing your personal experiences with them can lift their confidence and willingness to work on their weaknesses. 

Today Lesson : Teaching your kids about voting

V Is for Voting is an ABC book that introduces progressive families to concepts like social justice and civil rights and reminds readers that every vote counts!

A is for active participation.
B is for building a more equal nation.
C is for citizens’ rights and our duty.
is for difference, our strength and our beauty.

An engaging introduction to the tenets of democracy, V Is for Voting is a playful, poetic, and powerful primer about the importance of voting and activism. Featuring Kate Farrell’s rhyming text and Caitlin Kuhwald’s bold art, plus thoughtful back matter, the book is a gorgeous, and crucial, addition to every young reader’s library. It makes the perfect gift for fans of A Is for ActivistWoke Baby, and Feminist Baby

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