Holiday Home for 2022

It’s time once again to start my Holiday Home post. Today it’s all about making you home festive and some great smeels to get you in the mood for Christmas…. Lisa

  • 12 in Straw wreath
  • Assorted Christmas picks from floral department
  • velvet Bow and hanger

I used a straw wreath for the base of this wreath. And then filled in with lots of assorted Christmas floral picks I picked up from the Craft store. I like to fill into between the picks with extra tree greenery. Add a red velvet ribbon and hang.

Tip : when you trim your fresh tree save the extra pieces and add them to the wreath.

DIY Christmas Candle Wax melts ;

  • Soy wax flakes
  • Silcom wax melt molds
  • Christmas tree candle scents ( 20 drops)
  • glass measuring cup to melt wax
  • Wax warmer to melt finished melts

Measure out soy wax and melt gradually in microwave. Add fragrance to wax and mix. Pour into molds and let harden. After done – pop out of mold. You can melt them in a candle wax holder.

Tip : You can find cut molds in the candy making section of any big box store.

DIY Christmas Room Spray :

  • 4-ounce fine-mist spray bottle
  • 2 ounces distilled water
  • 1.5 ounces Everclear
  • 50 drops  Douglas Fir,
  • 20 drops Juniper Berry
  • 5 drops Clove
  • 5 drops Wild Orange 
    • 1–2 drops Cinnamon (
  • label


  1. Rinse bottle(s) well with distilled water.
  2. Add your essential oils. I designed this spray to be potent as I find I use less and the scent lingers longer. Feel free to scale down if you prefer a lighter spray.
  3. Add grain alcohol and distilled water. Add Everclear or grain alcohol of choice. Swirl for a few seconds to dissolve the oils, then top with distilled water. Shake well and adjust to your liking, adding more oils for a stronger scent, or more a bit more distilled water for a lighter scent.
  4. Affix the label. With a clean rag or towel, dry the bottle well and attach the label. For easiest placement, place the bottle on a flat, level surface like a table or countertop and align the label parallel to the water line. 

Decorating Trends for 2022 :

  • Nordic Inspired :
  • Winter white
  • Candy Cane
  • Vintage Glamour

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