Book Review : Sewing Quiet Books for Children:

Welcome to Make it Monday ! Today is a great book and project for Christmas.

Learn how to create fun sensory toys that young children will love!

  • Project guide to sewing customizable soft baby books that match a child’s interests and encourage learning through play
  • 10 designs for babies, each super cute, engaging, and featuring fun, simple objects and animals, including an elephant, jellyfish, and whale
  • 8 designs for toddlers that encourage learning at a very early age, including how to use zippers, tie a shoelace, and fasten a button
  • Beginner-friendly overviews on the basic skills, notions, and other techniques required for sewing and crafting soft books
  • Step-by-step instructions for making a variety of book page patterns that can be mixed and matched for both babies and toddlers
  • On-the-go toys are perfect for keeping kids quietly occupied and engaged, improving their fine motor skills and ability to perform certain tasks as they quietly play with zippers, flags, button, doors, buckles, and other interactive elements
  • Author Lily Zunic is the founder of Craft, Learn, and Play, a craft blog for parents. Her work has been used as part of ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) for kids with psychological disorders

Keep little hands and eyes busy by making fun sensory toys and soft books that babies and young children will love!

Sewing Quiet Books for Children is a super simple guide to creating engaging and interactive activity books for kids that promote fine motor skills and learning through play. From how to theme a quiet book to learning the many creative ways of incorporating fabrics and interactive elements into fun, hands-on learning books for babies and toddlers, this is the complete beginner’s guide to making customizable quiet books!

The first-ever step-by-step book to sewing quiet books, this complete guide includes easy-to-follow instructions, beautiful illustrations, and various book page designs — ten for babies and eight for toddlers — to mix, match, and make. With buckles, buttons, secret doors, flaps, zippers, and tons of other interactive elements, kids will love learning how to do certain tasks just by playing with the pages!

Creating soft books is just as fun and memorable for you as it is for babies and toddlers to play with them! Inside this 128-page book, you’ll find tips and tricks for designing and making visually impactful and interactive fabric pages with vivid colors, playful patterns, and engaging textures; detailed step-by-step illustrations and photos to guide you through the basics of creating high-quality soft books that will endure hours of play; comprehensive information on materials, tools, and techniques; full-size, ready-to-use patterns, and more. With Sewing Quiet Books for Children, every creation will be a memorable keepsake for years to come!

Whether you’re brand new to sewing and crafting or having been doing it for years, Sewing Quiet Books for Children breaks down the process into simple, bite-sized chunks, and is the perfect source of inspiration for everyone!

ARC Book Review:

This is such a fantastic resource for anyone interested in creating quiet books. The tips and suggestions make this book one that can be used by novice sewers. I really appreciate the various patterns and the simplicity of the instructions. There are so many fun themes that children will definitely enjoy and I am excited to start making a few quiet books myself this winter.

I love to use scraps of fabric to make these quite books for kids and toddlers. They also make great sensory books for adults in the nursing home( Memory Care) with a few minor changes.

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