Tell Me Tuesday : 2023 Organizing tips

Today it’s Tell Me Tuesday and it’s a;; about organizing your home and setting goals for the New Year : So tell Me about your tips?

Organizing Tips and Habits for 2023 :

  • Start giving everything in your home, well, a home
  • Start buying containers with intention : Do the measurements fit your space and the items you want to organize? 
  • Start tidying up spaces when you’re done with them : by doing a little each day, it avoids the eventual pile-up of clutter that can feel too overwhelming to tackle. It’s easier to pick up and put away a handful of things today than a few dozen a month from now.
  • Stop holding onto items because of guilt : In 2023, I hope that you can make the pact to no longer let the feelings of guilt keep you from having a clutter-free home.
  • Start scheduling “declutter dates”
  • Bedroom and coat closets (two times per year, ideally in early spring and early fall)
  • Makeup/skincare/medicines (four times per year; I like to use the first of each season as a good reminder)
  • Linens (two times per year; your local animal shelter will happily take old linens as donations)
  • Kitchen tools (two times per year, ideally at the end of summer and after the holidays)
  • Pantry/fridge/freezer (two to four times per month)
  • Storage spaces (once per year; if they’re not temperature controlled, pick a time of year when it’s not too hot or too cold)

My Household Planner : set dates to get things dome in Jamuary!

Easy Things to Declutter :

Leave Me a note about your best tips for 2023 ? Lisa

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