January is National Hobby Month

Welcome to my Thursday Craft Time. And today I am chatting about Hobby and Craft trends for 2020. I always try something new in the New Year : What will it be ?

Trending for 2023 :

Needle Felting

If you’re drawn to adorable knick knacks, needle felting may be the craft for you in the new year—and three supplies, wool, a barbed needle, and a felting surface (to avoid poking your fingers), are all it takes to get started. The process of sculpting wool into 3D objects, needle felting has been recently popularized on social media as a way to create woodland animals.


If you’re like us, you’ve been seeing resin everywhere. Resin art is accomplished when a liquid chemical, called epoxy, is mixed with various color pigments to create beautiful patterns and textures. Although it’s been around for years, resin art was recently popularized on TikTok and currently has more than 18 billion views on the platform. It’s used to fill in molds to make jewelry, coasters, and ornaments, as well to transform wooden furniture into unique pieces of art.

Punch Needle Embroidery

Embroidery was big this year, and in 2023 a more niche approach to this craft is expected to take over: punch needle. The main difference between the two techniques is the type of needle used. For punch needle, you’ll be working with a bigger needle that is held like a pen and punches the thread into the fabric while the needle stays on the surface. The method has generated almost 400 million views on TikTok, where crafters have shared their creations; they range from rugs and mirror frames to wall art and coasters.

Squeegee Painting

An easy way to begin working with paint, squeegee painting will take over the craft scene in 2023. “A trend that requires little to no previous experience, squeegee painting is fun and accessible for everyone. “The process is very zen, and the results are amazing.” To make squeegee art, simply squirt dots of different colored paint onto a canvas and use a squeegee to spread it around. It’s a fun craft for adults and easy enough to try out with kids. 


Macrame has been a beloved woven art for centuries, but its popularity is spiking once again thanks to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. “This ancient art form has returned in full force,” says Chui. “Knots on 3-ply cotton twine have never looked so good.”

Check back with Me next Thursday to see what i am trying next…. Lisa

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