Goodbye January ! Hello February

Thanks for joining Me on the last day of January ! It has been a busy month but February will be just as busy ! Right Now I am deciding on Valentine of Mardi Gras decorations to go up.

January Highlights

January : we celebrated both New Year and Chinese (Lunar) New Year. And our recipes blog focused on January foods : soap and Oatmeal. As well has National Hobby moth we celebrated new hobbies and the lost art of handwriting. As we started the month our Word of the Month was JOY>

February :

The month of February has several popular holidays, namely Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Also known as Washington’s Birthday, President’s Day falls on Monday, February 20, 2023, and is the only federal holiday during the month. That means that most businesses will be closed, including the banks and post office, and the kids will have a day off from school!

Check back tomorrow for the start of exciting New Month!!! Lisa

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