2023 Lafayette Children Parade : 12 :30 Saturday

The first recorded celebration of Mardi Gras in Lafayette was on February 14, 1869 when according to the local newspaper “. . .Clement’s band provided the music in the courthouse. . . “. But the first city wide Mardi Gras observance was in 1897, when Manuel Pellerin initiated the idea of a Mardi Gras King and Queen, a parade, a pageant and a ball. He worked with H.A. Vandercruyssen, J.T. Allingham and Maurice Patin, who designed, constructed, painted, and supervised the chariots or carnival floats. It was that first Mardi Gras Ball and Parade in 1897 that set the pattern for all future Lafayette Mardi Gras celebrations. The first King was Judge George Armand “Bedon” (High Hat) Martin, known as a “ . . .raconteur, dentist, planter, solon, and genial gentlemen.”

It was not until 1926 that another city-wide Mardi Gras celebration was recorded. Court Immaculta of the Catholic Daughters of America in¬augurated the first children’s carnival, the Krewe of Oberon, which still exists today. In 1927, the first Lafayette High School Carnival was held and the American Legion held their first Mardi Gras parade. Louis A. Broussard made the floats for this parade using over 40 yards of gold satin for the Royal Chariot.

@023 Children Parade : Saturday

“Children’s” Parade, Lafayette, 12:30 pm
(featuring Krewe of Camelot, Krewe d’Amusement, Krewe des Jeunes Amis, Krewe of Versailles, Krewe of Troubadours, and Krewe of Oberon)

“Krewe of Bonaparte” Parade, Lafayette, 6:30 pm

This is a Big weekend for Mardi Gras Balls, Parades and Party in Louisiana with Fat Tuesday on Tuesday ~~ So enjoy my post. Lisa

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