March crafts : Air Dry clay

Happy Thursday! It’s craft day and today I am sharing some of my favorite Air Dry clay project today !

What is Air Dry Clay ?

 Air dry clay, as the name suggests, is clay that dries or cures with air. It typically has a spongy, soft, and light composition which makes it very easy to manipulate and shape. Because of this, air dry clay can be used for various projects, the most common being beginners’ craft projects and children’s toys.

Air dry clay takes about one to two days to fully set depending on the thickness of the piece (though the clay may shrink a little during the drying process). Once it has dried, the clay will have a porous and spongy texture. While air dry clay comes in many vibrant colours often sealed in airtight bags, they can also be coloured with acrylic paint. 

Additionally, air dry clay can be sealed with a glaze so that it becomes more resistant to water. It is also suitable for children that are aged 3 years old and above.

Basic Craft supplies:

  • air dry clay ( we use Crayola)
  • rolling pin
  • cookie cutters ,cutters
  • stamps or natural objects
  • cling wrap
  • paint , brush
  • mod podge (glaze)

Small bowl

Roll out clay to about 5 mm thick. Draw a leaf on a piece of paper and cut it out to use as a stencil. Place paper flower on top of the clay and carefully cut around it using a sharp knife. Stamp your leaf or design on the clay.

Line a small bowl with cling wrap then carefully transfer clay leaf into the bowl and let it dry in the sun for a few hours until completely dry.

Once dry, paint if desired .And glaze.

Plant stacks

Use heavy rolling pin to roll out the clay to 1/8 inch thick. Using a ruler as a guide, cut the clay into seven equal strips approximately 3/4 inch each.. Make a diagonal cut in the center of each of the strips creating a pointed end. Use a flat edge tool to gently flatten out the top inch or so of each of the strips. With wet fingers roll the flattened and together to create a decorative top or leave alone. Use rubber stamps with herb names, letters, words, or organic elements like leaves and flowers to decorate the plant stakes. Allow to dry according to package instructions. When completely dry use a fine sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges and finish the plant stakes.

Air Dry Necklace or diffuse: r

On a surface covered with wax paper, roll out your clay until it is about 1/4 inch thick. Press lid, cap or cookie cutter into the clay to create your pendant shape. And make a hole with a straw for your string. And stamp to decorate. Let dry completely and string with yarn or string.

Use as a diffuser ?

 1-3 drops to the top of your diffuser necklace – the part that doesn’t touch your clothes when you put it on – and you’re ready to go. Refresh as needed. Some oils have quite a bit of staying power and can last for several days, while others will fade more quickly.

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