Spring : Clean Up Time

Today I am finishing the month by posting about Spring clean up and a few DIY to help .

  • Every Room
  • Wash Baseboards, door ceilings, window sills, doors, and walls.
  • Vacuum and wash vents.
  • Wash window treatments (drapes, etc.).
  • Dust blinds.
  • Wash Windows – inside and out
  • Dust and shine overhead lights – replace burnt light bulbs.
  • Dust and/or vacuum light fixtures and lamp shades.

DIY Recipes : Uplifting Wax Melt recipe

  • 1/4 C wax chips
  • 1/4 C Coconut oil
  • 20 drops of tangerine
  • 20 drops grapefruit
  • 7 drops of pepermint
  • Silcom mold, wax melter

In a glass measuring cup melt wax and oil. Add fragerance and pore into mold. let harden. And ready melt and enjoy.

I use small ice cube trays from the dollar store for mold.

Garden Clean up for Spring:

  • 1. Clean Up Dead Leaves and Branches
  • 2. Trim Back Trees and Shrubs
  • 3. Mow and Edge Grass
  • 4. Apply Fertilizer and Pre-Emergent Herbicide
  • 5. Clean Rain Gutters and Downspouts

APHID Bug Spray for garden

  • Spray bottle, funnel
  • 12 drops speramint
  • 12 drops of cedarwood
  • 4 Tablespoon of boiling water

In a small spray bottle add all the ingredients together. Shake to combine and Spray daily. Make sure you lable your garden spray.

Tomato Leaves Insecticide: The leaves of tomatoes contain solanine and tomatine and can be used as an insecticide. Soak 2 cups of fresh leaves in 1 quart of water overnight. Strain and spray. It kills aphids and many types of chewing insects, but also attracts beneficials. Don’t use it on other nightshades like eggplants, peppers, or potatoes because it could spread disease from plant to plant

Thanks for stopping in this Tuesday and have a great week …. lisa

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