Make it Monday : GG Quilt

Make it Monday

Lisa Everyday Crafts

My Grandmother ‘s was born in April. Every year I would make her a special birthday present :

A quilt in her favorite colors:

This quilt was actually one of the first bed quilts i had ever made. She spent her last years in an assistant living home and this was on her bed. I made it from a Quilt kit that I bought at my local Joann store.

Why Buy a Quilt kit :

  • The fabrics in the kit are pre-selected, so you have confidence that all the materials work well together in the final project.
  • Quilt kits are great for gifting or being gifted.
  •  You can save money.
  • Quilt kits will save you time
  • You like efficiency. Quilt kits will allow you to assemble a project as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal frustration on your end. Some kits even have the fabrics precut into the needed patch sizes…

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