Recycled Bottle crafts

Thursday Craft Time!

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In celebration of up coming Earth Day I am making hummingbird feeders out of bottles :

  • 2 litter pop bottle or water bottle bottle
  • Plastic hummingbird feeder base (be sure it fits your glass bottle without leaking—not all bottles will be a good fit to all bases)
  • paints in colors of your choice
  • Metal corner bracket (hanging)
  • Super glue

  • Clean your bottle thoroughly inside and out. Remove all labels. Wipe down the bottle with rubbing alcohol to remove the glue. Rinse with water and allow to dry.
  • Using paint, apply drops and lines in scattered patterns around the bottle. The idea is to make it look like falling confetti. Tip: Be sparing with the paint, as it will run.
  • Stand bottle upright to allow to dry for at least 8 hour
  • then hang and Enjoy.

DIy Copper wraped Wine Bottle:

  • 5 feet of copper wire (4 gage)
  • Beads, charms or…

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