Mothers Day gifts of Honey

Thursday Crafts is all about Honey for your Honey on Mothers Day!

Lisa Everyday Crafts

Today post is some fun and easy gifts for Mom. All made with Honey.

DIY Honey Goatmilk soap:

  • 1lb.Goat milk soap base
  • 2Tablespoonshoney
  • 2capsules vitamin E,squeeze the oil out
  • 1Tablespoonbody oil,Use your favorite! I’m using a mixture of sweet almond & argan
  • Fragrant oil and colorant,
  • Soap Molds

Cut soap based into small squares. Microwave or heat in a double-boiler until melted (I microwaved in a glass measuring cup). Stir in honey, vitamin E, and your favorite oil. Add fragrance and color if using. Pour mixture into soap mold. And let harden and then package.

DIY Honey Mask

To make a DIY honey mask at home, mix together a teaspoon of raw honey (Manuka honey, if you want to splurge for the best), a teaspoon of turmeric, and a hearty squeeze of lemon juice or sprinkle of apple cider vinegar. Apply to your face and let sit for 20…

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