Family * Community events,School & Books

Tuesday is books,schools and family fun day. I chat about my small town -what’s going on. Volunteering in town at the local library, Home school fun and group projects . 

Community Events , Volunteering : 

Small town life is featured on Tuesday. With highlights of community events and volunteering locally,  We are big supports of our community and actively involved in our library program. As well as other community events .

School  / Family 

We educated our son using an online virtual school Home schooling in the modern world,   But now after 7 years hes off to college but I am still involved in my local school group with support and projects. Learning never stops at our house – so join me as I share my thoughts on school,college and group projects on Tuesday :

Fire prevention month in October. Lapbook for the week a great way to learn and have fun. Each week a fun way to learn and share .