New Year* 2 Ways in Pink

Today is our last day of Holiday's of Festival !  Today I am celebrating New Year : The end and Beginning of a New Tear :Today we celebrate in Pink to honor the Year of the Pig    . Lisa      It's a great time of the year to start a new planner ! Set … Continue reading New Year* 2 Ways in Pink

Festival of Holidays * New Year Party

So if we are having a New Year celebration we need party food : Here's a sample of recipes -    Champagne Punch  Using a pitcher, mix orange and pineapple juice. Pour orange-pineapple mixture into champagne flutes until half full. Fill glasses with champagne. Serve immediately, garnished with raspberries and rosemary, if desired.     Black Bean and … Continue reading Festival of Holidays * New Year Party

New Year Quilt

Thursday Festival of Holidays ends  our celebration with New Year !   Lisa    book link As each holiday season approaches, some revel in welcoming the New Year ahead; others quietly mourn the passing of time gone by. "We can't hold on to the past," says Master Quilter Sylvia Compson, "but we can keep the best part … Continue reading New Year Quilt

Louisiana *Customs,Tradition and Life

Explore more with this book. written by a native author  explains more about  Louisiana customs ,traditions and life. Lisa      Amazon author page Free with Kindle Unlimited  Ghost stories abound in the Cajun and Creole city of Lafayette, Louisiana. The Hub City boasts a multitude of spirits and specters, from those lost in Civil … Continue reading Louisiana *Customs,Tradition and Life

A Catered Thanksgiving by Isis Crawford

book link Whipping up Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful for anyone, but that goes double for the Field family. Everything has to be perfect, or they risk getting cut out of dominating patriarch Monty's lucrative will. That's where sisters Bernie and Libby's catering company, A Little Taste of Heaven, comes in. Surely with their lumpless … Continue reading A Catered Thanksgiving by Isis Crawford

Thanksgiving Side Dishes *

Thanksgiving wouldn't be a holiday meal without these recipes on the table. : I am sure you have  family recipes you love but here's a few family favorites. from my home. Lisa    2 Cans  french green bean 1 Can cheddar cheese soup 1 can onion rings 1/4 t  margarine 1 T flour 1/2 can of … Continue reading Thanksgiving Side Dishes *

Mama Thanksgiving Cornbread Dressing :

Thursday : Festival of Holiday  Day  and I am celebrating Thanksgiving today !  With great recipes,books and crafts all centered around Thanksgiving .holiday. Each Thursday in October I am celebrating food day by sharing family holiday recipes -so enjoy .  Lisa It's always a big occasion around here as the whole family gets together and celebrate. Lisa  … Continue reading Mama Thanksgiving Cornbread Dressing :

Halloween Classroom Party Idea’s

Welcome to Thursday  ! Today -I start my  Festival of Holiday with Halloween : What could be any more fun then a Halloween party for Kids :   Party Begins with some fun party games : Wrap the Mummy Divide the children into groups of three to five kids. Select one child in each group … Continue reading Halloween Classroom Party Idea’s

Easy Ghost MERINGUES * Treats

Need something cute for the Treat table :    4 Egg Whites 1/2 tsp of Cream of Tartar 1 cup of Sugar and something like red hots/  icing  or mini m&m  (to make eyes) Supplies : Electric Mixer  Icing Bag with Large round icing tip .   Baking sheet  lined with foil -sprayed with cooking spry :  … Continue reading Easy Ghost MERINGUES * Treats

Halloween Jello Cups * Party time

Thursday : I am starting my day off with Halloween treat , gift bags and decorations:            From Krafts :  Halloween Desert recipe 2-1/2 cups boiling water, divided 2 pkg. (3 oz. each) JELL-O Orange Flavor Gelatin 2 pkg. (3 oz. each) JELL-O Grape Flavor Gelatin 2 oz. BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate Add … Continue reading Halloween Jello Cups * Party time