Saturday Crafts :

Welcome to Saturday crafts with me at my Craft Table ; Today I am recycling old Christmas cards into new cards : Cards, Cards, and more cards>>> I have been cleaning out cabinets and found a stash of cards from the past. What will a crafter do ! Make new cards... Using the plain inside [...]

Crafting with Nature

Today on My Craft Table addition : I am crafting with things from nature. Using found things in our yard this fall : So spend sometimes outside gathering supplies and get crafting. Recycle Wrapped present : I love wrapping presents in old paper grocery sacks and decorating with things from nature . Giving it a [...]

Giving Thanks

Today on My craft table this Thursday its all about Thanksgiving crafts. And giving Thanks for Family time ! Today's Craft Project: My Memories paper album Let's Look inside: Album kit details : I picked this paper albums kit up on Ebay from My Memories. It comes with precut paper, ribbon and two types of [...]

Frankenstein Day

Happy Thursday and you are back with me at my Craft table. And we are celebrating Halloween and Frankenstein day! My scrapbook page : The Boo Crew I used this paper pack to make my scrapbook page, cards and treat bags. The cards I cut out and used to make the 8 by 8 [...]

Thursday * My Craft Table

Today on my craft table am posting about my long history of quilting in my family. My Mom was a wonderful seamstress and my Grandmother and Aunts where big quilters. I learned at there knees' or under the table hiding. I quilt for special people for special occasions : new house, new baby, wedding, anniversary [...]

My Craft Table

This Thursday I am posting about a very important topic. Breast Cancer Awareness ūüéÄ Month: Pink Ribbon represents: the fear of breast cancer, the hope of the future and the charitable goodness of others to support the cause. Also represents the solidarity ‚̧ of breast Cancer survivors. Today's crafts: Clip art and stickers. Esty shop [...]

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

Welcomr to my Craft table this Thursday. Celebrate with me the Mid Autumn Moon festival. My husband family always celebrated it so after we got married I carried on the tradition to pass on to my son. Festival facts : Started over 200 years ago to celebrate the autumn harvestand give thanks to the gods [...]

On my Craft table

Today on my craft table I am making these cute albums with plastic disc. I was cleaning my craft room getting ready for the big move when I came across this Rollabind system I had. And decided to make some quick holiday albums with the system. But its also perfect for school work or art [...]

On my Craft Table

Is every Thursday where I share what I am making that week. I do a varieties of crafts and love making handmade gifts for others . Here's today project : Fall Quilt Blocks: Maple quilt Block Supplies 1/2 yard white fabric  (includes pillow back)1/4 yard light brown fabric , scraps of brown fabrics , [...]

My Craft Table

This Thursday on my craft table I am exploring all the ways to use honey and bees in crafts. September is national honey month. So here some suggestions to make this month sweet like honey : Candles ( Honey / Beeswax) Beeswax Candles Ingredients 1 lb pure ¬†beeswax. (or you can buy pellets) 1/2 cup coconut [...]