Saturday morning Breakfast * Lost Bread

Welcome to the Weekend :    Another Warm Saturday and everyone is sleeping in today. So it's just me and my coffee and the pets as I write this. Later when everyone wakes up I think I will make a batch of Grand paw  Lost Bread :   1  loaf french bread ( but you... Continue Reading →

A Christmas to Cherish * Josie Rivier

  book link   There’s nothing a Christmas kiss won’t cure. Except perhaps a shattered heart… When Emmanuelle Sumter steps off the train in Cherish, South Carolina—a town simply glowing with the promise of Christmas—she finds herself praying God will help her find the broken pieces of her life. Shattered, like her beloved harp. Her... Continue Reading →

A Christmas to Remember *

With the coming of the Holiday's can anything be better than watching Hallmark Holidays Movies ? Maybe reading the book based on the Movie!! Lisa      book link She can’t remember who she is, but she likes who she’s become when she’s with him… Jennifer needs a break. The perfectionist TV star heads to... Continue Reading →

Spirits,Diamonds and Drive -thru Daiquiri Stand

To get in to the Spirit of National Daiquiri - lets take a  trip to New Orleans today !    book link Pyper and Julius are getting married. There’s a wedding to plan, dresses to order, and daiquiris to consume. But when an old curse rears its ugly head and ends in a murder, Pyper’s... Continue Reading →

The Great American Hot Dog Book

  cook book link The Great American Hot Dog Book Recipes and Side Dishes from Across America Becky Mercuri Americans eat around 20 billion dogs a year, and it's no wonder that wherever you find yourself in the country, there's a local hot dog stand, diner, deli, or restaurant with a special take on this... Continue Reading →

National Hot Dog Day

Happy National Hot Dog Day !! A hot dog is just a hot dog. Right ! Just what I always thought but I have to say they do difference by area we have lived. I always eat them as a kid  with ketchup & mustard ,onions ,sweet pickle relish . Or maybe a Saturday night... Continue Reading →

World Emoji Day

  It's World Emoji  Day !!!!    Let's Celebrate by sending some emoji's to friends and family. Needs some help -here's a book to explain it.  So type away    !!!  What's you're favorite  Emoji  to use ?   Are do you not use them? Straw Poll  is   here   vote here      And find out... Continue Reading →

The Blue Unicorn’s Journey to Osm

The Blue Unicorn's Journey to Osm Black and White Coloring Book by Sybrina Durant Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy The wood-cut look illustrations in The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm Black and White Illustrated book are reminiscent of old world fairytales by authors like Lewis Carroll and The Brother’s Grimm. It is a story which transcends... Continue Reading →

Hope Breeds Peace :

It's Monday & time for me to post about my 2016 word : Hope  . This month we look at technology in our life.  Which brought me to education -since my son attended an On Line school for 6 years and the new school year starts around the corner. As educators get ready for the... Continue Reading →

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