Valentine Felt Coffee Wraps

It’s Saturday morning and time for Coffee ! And this Saturday we are making something for the coffee lover in your life for Valentine:

Coffee wraps that hold gift cards :

  • Pattern (you can make yourself/pintrest ) for holder & hearts
  • Felt squares easy to work lots of colors with /no frayed edges
  • Sew on snaps (Velcro or other closure)
  • Basic sewing supplies

From felt:

  • a base wrap
  • card holder
  • Hearts or any decorations.

I just measured the cup and add 2 inches for overlap for the pattern. Cut out your base the size of pattern/ then cut a second one a little smaller to make a pocket for gift card. Cut out hearts in different colors to decorate.

Once all cut out layout your design. If you like you can pin in place or a drop of glue. Sew hearts on pocket and then Sew pocket on front of wrap-leaving room on top to place gift card. Then wrap and coffee cup and place sew in snap to hold wrap.

This is a quick and easy gift perfect for any occasion- with basic craft supplies. Using felt means no worry about the edges. Lisa

Red Envelopes Basics :

When I meet my husband family I was introduced too a new custom during holidays. Lai see -small read envelopes filled with money. My husband refers to the money as mad money or fun money to spin on frivolous stuff. If you haven’t bought your red envelope yet for Chinese New Year -Read on :

Red envelopes or hongbao in Mandarin and lai see in Cantonese are small red and gold packets containing money given to children, family members, friends and employees as a symbol of good luck. In Chinese culture, the color red is associated with energy, happiness and good luck .
  There are lots of different traditions, but in general, married couples give them to unmarried relatives, friends or colleagues.

Etiquette :

As you give and receive red envelopes, don’t forget these basic etiquette tips: Choose new bills, don’t ever include coins and wait to open your red envelopes until after you part company. Amounts in even numbers are generally preferred, except for the number 4 because of its resemblance to the word meaning death. And, optional, but denominations including 8s (rhyming with the word for good luck) and 9s (for longevity) carry especially positive symbolic meanings. ..

Red Envelopes templates :

Usually I buy them at the Asian market – but if not you can easily make them yourself with Red paper and decorations .

Holiday Printable s :

Kids Crafts * DIY Christmas Tags

Happy Saturday ! Are you busy wrapping presents today and need tags for your packages ? Well I got (Big Red) Sizzix cuter out and my tag die out and Christmas paper scraps and had fun around the table. A perfect way to use up you Christmas paper scraps. Lisa

Now little one might need help with the die machine – but you can pre Cut a bunch out before time. And tie yarn on. Lisa

And time to decorate with what ever you have to use, Die cuts,stickers or paper cut outs.

Stamp the back (Gina K) or you can write from To & from.

Have a Crafty Saturday !!! What will you be making today ? Lisa

Saturday Christmas Kids Crafts

It’s a cold and rainy Saturday in Louisiana – and perfect time to make some fun crafts with the kids. So gather the craft supplies and the kidos and lets have fun! 

Christmas Tree Ornaments : 

First is some cute and Easy Christmas tree ornaments – cut from felt & Christmas stickers  package.  Need a craft for a glass party try this : Lisa

If you want too you can cut the basic shapes before hand – and then let the kids assemble them. Keep the shapes easy to make and not to fussy, 

Christmas  Paper Clips : 

This is a  great Christmas gift for your teacher or planner fan. You can find large clips of all kinds at your local office supply store. These simple shapes are made from Craft foam which comes in great colors and shapes. Lisa 

$1 Store Christmas Headband : 

The dollar store has tons of inexpensive Christmas craft kits – Buy a bunch and let the kids have fun! Lisa 

Paint your own Ornaments *

My Saturday Kids craft is one from a great place to find inexpensive crafts and decorations. My local Dollar Store. Planning a class party or need small things for a gift bag it’s the perfect place yo shop.  These are simple Paint your own ornaments (2) for a $1. Have fun and go exploring for things to do this weekend with the kids.   Lisa 

Now if you are into Clay artist you could make your own. But this is a quick alternative.   Lisa 

Salt Dough Ornaments

Saturday morning kids craft :  an it’s an easy salt dough recipe to make  ornaments . 

The Recipe to make these : 

  • 4 C Flour
  • 1 C  Salt
  • 11/2 C Water ( maybe a little more) 
  • Cookie Cutters , thread for hangers, paint or glitter for decorations 
  • Mod Podge  or clear finish to seal the paint.
  • Mix together and roll out (about 1/2 inch thick) . Cut with Cookie Cutter and place a hole in the top for a  holder . Bake at 300 -until dry. The bake time will depend on how thick the dough is. but you can also let them air dry if you need too. 

This is not for eating and can be dangerous to animals. So don’t get them confused with sugar cookies. Lisa