Spring forward : Time

Spring  forward : Time

Did you remember to set your clock an hour ahead? Are where you late today? Today's Bible lesson is about being reliable . Reliable people will have abundant blessings Proverbs 28: 20 Do you know what reliable is ? Someone of trustworthy character. Does that describe you . Today's Bible study: Are you a reliable [...]

The Bible in 52 Weeks: A Yearlong Bible Study for Women

The Bible in 52 Weeks: A Yearlong Bible Study for Women

A yearlong journey through the Bible to strengthen women’s faith When you need to lift your spirits or tackle life’s challenges, the Bible is always there to offer guidance. This inspiring approach to Bible study for women combines a daily reading plan with weekly opportunities to reflect, discuss, and explore how God’s wisdom can be [...]

February Bible Reading Plan

This Sunday we start a new bible reading plan for February this one from Rachel Vojo . HOW TO PARTICIPATE Fhttps://rachelwojo.com/ollow the daily Bible reading plan and read the passage. Share what you are learning on social media if you’d like. My goal is to draw closer to Jesus and I want that for you [...]

Sunday Morning post:

Welcome Sunday morning fans today I share with you a great daily decotional I camr across and some fun inspired art. Get inspired and deepen your connection with God every day In the midst of your busy day, take a private moment to connect with God and refresh your spirit. Daily Meditations for Christians offers short meditations [...]

The Women of the Bible and You

Let the women of the Bible guide you in faith Join the inspirational women of the Bible on a weekly journey of devotion. The Women of the Bible and You examines the stories of female Biblical figures both big and small, so you can take a moment from your busy week to explore the lessons they reveal―and [...]

Homemade Angels

Welcome to my Sunday Crafts ; Today I am sharing a simple fabric angel pattern my Mom used to make with scraps from her fabric stash.Perfect gift for someone special.... Pattern and supplies: Just make a rough pattern the size you want ( cut : front/back) You can have arms or not it's up too [...]

Plant in tears, will harvest with shouts of Joy

Welcome my Sunday readers - Today I am sharing this wonderful Psalms. What is the meaning of Psalm 126 5? The Psalm is a Psalm of joy. God has restored the fortunes of Zion. ... Those around them proclaimed that God had done great deeds for them. And then it goes into verse 5 and 6. “Those who sow in tears [...]

Mom’s Music

While cleaning out closet I came across this collection of Music. Mom was a great fan of Music of all kids and r has a large record collection. This is a selection of Christmas Music perfect for Cee Music challenge this week... Lisa Christmas Music : https://ceenphotography.com/cees-black-white-challenge/