My Life in October !


Welcome – I am Lisa * Wife,Mom & Blogger.

Yes – I am one of those. I sit here and share my life with the World  on my computer from rural Louisiana.

Why Follow My Blog-

  • frank,opinionated and sometimes funny.
  • A  bad speller and worse grammar user  ( Thank God for Spell Check)
  • i share what I love – family,food ,crafts and books. etc( What not to love about that)
  • Life is messy and sometimes you need to look at someone else to appreciate yours.

This Month I am Celebrating all thing that make October special=

  • The Autumn Moon Festival
  • National Card Making Day
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Fall  Festival- sights,food and fun
  • Halloween     – books, crafts, food and fun







I am not much of a planner ( not at all ) but this is quick guide of every day post, – 

  • Monday – My Life ( school ,family ,food and news )
  • Tuesday –  Tuesday Book Review
  • Wednesday – My Craft Day – Paper crafts , Gifts & DIY fun )
  • Thursday – Food Find & Recipes –
  • Friday – Weekend plans, Blast from my Stash ( using up my old papercraft items)
  • Saturday – My fun day !
  • Sunday – Planner post/ Cozy Mystery



 Stay Tuned for – What’s New @ Lisa Everyday Life .

                                             Lisa Jung


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