Life : 2018

A New Year a some changes for 2018 

Lisa* Everyday Life – is post about everyday life & it’s changes -this year :

Family – I am a daughter to two amazing parents both in there 80’s married 63 years . But they need help – you will find post tagged Mom house , 

More Recipe Post – We are a family o Cooks. Check out my food blog too.

My son is graduating this year from high school- he’s been schooled at home for the last 6 years and getting ready for college. So you will find some great school post ,idea & support from me on schooling at home.

Pets – MaMa Cat ( had 3 kitties) -we are a houseful of fun

Me – I started a new business/hobby & always busy.


  • Whats the same great family fun, Food & recipes and More -watch for special holiday post. 

Hobbies / Mom time –

Books of all kinds .- I do family friendly books here but if you are looking for something else  Check out my Book Blog to stay current

DIY Crafts & Fun Projects – lots of fun projects of all kinds . Holidays are coming for great party idea;s.  I started Ali Edwards – One Little Word Class for 2018 – my word is Hope.



As always satay current by checking my social media sites.    Lisa