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What kind of blog is this?

I was asked that just lately. My answer is that is a daily journal of my life . I post about things I enjoy : books, my community, food and DIY projects. And of course holiday fun. Just a little bit of everything that makes me happy 😊! Lisa

I am a 60 something Wife ,Mom, and Blogger and part time Librarian. Living in rural South Louisiana ( pop 1000 ) in Melville, La.

  • I grew up in Louisiana , Went to a local College and have a BS in Marketing and Home Ec . Now part time Librarian at our towns public Library.
  • Worked in retail mngt for 20 plus years in both the South and Mid West. Meet my Hubby at work in Indiana . We moved back to Louisiana about 10 years ago and now live in my family house ( over 100 years old) . My hubby works for the town and I volunteer as needed,
  • My son was educated at home using a virtual home school program. Now at college in English, Education. . I teach a group of homeschool student weekly at the library as well as run a large home school face book group for our school.
  • Avid book reader and crafter.

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