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Yes we are one of those families -we keep our kids separated and school at home. Actually I never thought I would say that (LOL).



But after moving to Louisiana from Michigan – I had forgotten how bad the school are around my area. My son had always attended regular public school but I could not see putting him in these. My family is a family of educators and they shake there head at some of the public school around here. And the private school is a 45 minute drive each way and expensive


Lavca is the best of both. Public school option with great curriculum and taught at home. No bus rides or school drama. Is it for everyone -No but it works for us. This year will be our last year since he graduates and will go on to college. Lisa


Senior -year has been fun. English Lite -research paper- Environmental Science Honors Project and Web call projects. Plus we have been working on school admissions & scholarships . And planning College trips to visit campuses.  Lisa




Interested in more info –K12 Inc Info for all states 

Most states have a version of this public school option -but you can also purchase curriculum from them as a traditional home school  option.



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2017-2018 Face to Face Orientation  LAVCA/k12   @ Lafayette-


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